First Steps


Would you like a woman from Asia to know? Just to chat or delayed marriage? Then please read on:

E-mail address, at best, a New
prepare personal images as many different situations
Interview guide, opening Smalltalk in Dating Portal
Account(s) of Chat Program available
Registration in Dating Portal
Getting first answers

E-mail address, at best, a New

Why New? Basically, all dating activities: as much anonymity and privacy as possible. Before one is not really sure, has not personally seen at least once, the own real life should be completely kept out of communication. This is valid at least for all data (address, email, DOB, employer, etc)

Prepare personal images as many different situations

The exchange of pictures, at first chat is very important. This has several reasons:
How quickly will she react?
Can women ever deal with the technology?
How quickly the reception is confirmed?
If the images are actively commented?
What are those pictures? (about images I report again separately)

Interview guide, the first opening in Smalltalk at Dating Portal

Sometimes it has to be fast. Quick does not mean hectic !! Therefore, it is important to be well prepared. Set up a few opening sentences. Saves them Iin a text file that is always on in chat. Important are really whole phrases. A quick hello or „how are you?“ Is nice but cheap. Whole sentences documenting their seriousness, not only a quick start (and therefore faster exit again)
This text file should continue to grow over time. Just collect standard phrases, answers that you used during your first Chats. Just copy this new, general answers and paste to list. General answers are : I’m doing this and that, my hobbies are; I am divorced since. , ., I live near.

You will notice very quickly: the questions are always the same, so your answers can ever be the same. First saves your energy and you will be fast enough, if you have more than 1 or 2 chat windows open simultaneously.

Have ready access data from Chat Program
One of the most important sentences is the transmission of SKYPE, Yahoo, etc data. So please keep them ready in your database. Even if the girls ask you to invite them.

Registration in Dating Portal
There are many different dating portals. What is your preferred, you have to find out. In most only registering is free. When it comes to contact with the partners, it is chargeable. To gain experience, it is helpful to start with They cover the whole of Asia from where Philippines and Thailand predominate. If it should be country-specific, it is not hard times for three months to register a paid page
Now the new email address comes into play. Strong recommendation: use only the new. Some think also a new (realistic-sounding) name and date of birth might be recommended. The best at all positions. Take your time to fill out as much as possible the profile, and say a few words about yourself. Please, no irony, negative words or sexual preferences. Its not taken as “cool” ! Write what you seek and want. Don´t write about having problems, your anger with the world, or former disappointments with other women.


The first search and detection of women: all portals have a more or less good search function. The next, age, country and gender most important selection criterion is certainly the point of „last activity“ or „last seen“! For just as there are everywhere in such portals also plenty of dead files. And to write a woman who was more than a week no longer active, is simply not useful.

The selections will then overwhelm you. Do not be too picky, because as I said, work in parallel is best u can do. Send requests going 20-30 on the first day, either by „like“ or brief welcome message.

Getting answers

You will see that the answers or the first „hellos“ are always the same. No later than your second or third message should include the invitation to go to the chat portal. First, the chat is not comfortable in the dating portals and secondly it is easier eg: skype to keep track of the chat archive. Very quickly come together 100 or more addresses and since then you lose track. Moreover, sent or received images can assign much easier.

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