cambo22As previously mentioned, I think the early exchange of photos is very important. Not only that you see what is obvious: one or more photos of HER, but also all other details are very meaningful:

Which photos
How fast was it send
If anything sent at all?
Her own selection of photos
Is the line for transfer open and stable

Which photos did she send?
What a motive is used? Is it in the middle of daily life or kind of posing. Watch closely her clothes, the environment. Does she send solo or images always with family or friends? Quite important example: Screenshots with webcam in an internet café. If the images are all quite modest or even a little sexy (beach or bed). The interpretation of this or that I will discuss separately.

Some photos that I get look like a bad scan of a vintage paper print. Or she sends tiny thumbnails, where you can see nothing. Or in another case: Photos are taken with a new, high-resolution digicam. 4-5 MB lasts forever when transferring. Again, you can conditionally assume the general attitude of the sending person, bad, lousy, or even „large“ photos may give u a hint of the attitude of that girl: fatalistic, lazy, careless, etc. !

How fast is does SHE act?

Although it has agreed mutually to send to photos, and you send already 3 pieces, from her: nothing!! You wait first politely observing the transmission beams of your own pictures, as it fills up slowly, and still nothing from her direction. Maybe she put a comment of your image, without prompting? Or she is silent? Easily 15 miutes pass by. Finally you ask: „And your pictures“? And then in 90% of cases: „Ooooh, OK, wait !!

image-0-02-01-81c2287fc4ce70c625b70475ce5c25c7e84489c3372d79ce4c87e8a442f34843-v“Sorry but I’m waiting right now 15 minutes, what keeps u busy, why you let me wait? “So you need to realize: that she A ) does not really pay attention (vast potantial to distraction, other times more) ; B ) has done the whole 15 minutes something, else than looking for her pictures, and C ) her fundamental nature is directed not at all to give and take: rather more: take!

Often it also happens that the question: wanna share images, is spontaneously answered as: OK, but you first! No problem, you are a gentleman, so you send first. Again comes the famous break and you ask: And where are yours ???

Answer: ooohh, I currently do not have here, I just use the PC, Phone from my aunt (sister girlfriend, grandma)! Now, you could probably release a pair of appropriate words, but does not make sense. So wait and see how quickly her promised „next time“ will happen or if she never does. That kinf of profile better put on ice, not particularly active follow up. Either there is a next time, or not.

Your own selection of photos

Very important issue and should be well prepared. Do you have certain pictures not available, try within the next few weeks a few scenarios to scan. There should be at least 2-3 „normal” photos, like everyday situations. Then also one where you’re dressed a little fancier, suit? Tie? One with children also goes well. Sometimes it is necessary to demonstrate the good relationship with children clear. Mothers, or women who want children like that utmost. The last and most important category are the sexy photos. It is important that she get used to your body and to show your sex appeal. There should be 3 to 4 images with increase in what could be seen.63f0eeb4cdfc202781d9e8837c25f6f0c7622f7b35f41f18b2pimgpsh_fullsize_distr
1) Free torso, etc. working in the garden, beach – solely you and please no group photos (especially with other women, you only provoke discussion)!
2) Selfie in bathrobe in front of the mirror (for example) 2-3 takes with increasing visibility
3) Variations at your gusto

Proper line established for transfer?
A major problem with the chat to Asia is slow internet , especially outside centers. Furthermore in Net Cafés, but also in a private environment WIFI too many users are one line same time. So transmission of a small file can easily take half an hour.

So, that’s all for today, looking forward to great answers, or questions and suggestions for new topics

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