Intro, english

Well i really need to open an english blog too, its a pity, that there is no second language in same blog .

But so far i want to publish here. Maybe one day later i will shift everything english stuff.

CAM9Everything I write here and recommend serves only one purpose: to avoid unnecessary chats. You will notice very quickly that online chatting is a major time waster. You can chat for hours (even several days) with a lady, to suddenly fine out an attitude of her that is an absolute no-go. This applies to both parties. This maybe trivial things, but also very central topics such as:

I prefer not to relocate (I expect that you move to my country) I am very religious (I’m not happy with your atheism) I have x children, relatives, to which I am in charge There will be only sex after marriage The whole cultural, intellectual background makes a move to Europe very difficult This could be even continued indefinitely on an individual basis. The goal here is: tap out the most basic informations within a maximum of 2 * 20 min Chat to get as sure as possible. Do I want keep going, or finish the whole thing quickly. You should tread very structured. This is complicated by the fact that you just deal with women and in the specific case communicates with Asian women. What you should not expect in any case, is a clear answer to a straight question. So you have to learn very quickly that you better change the subject before mood tips over. Cause you were insisting too much. So please no heart blood into trivial questions. They might be wrong or not at all answered. If you figure out that SHE does not understand, please ask immediately another question. Sometimes you can get the feeling then that this non – understand somehow happened on purpose or is just a laziness to really understand the question, or rather to read. Because of that it does make sense to lie down a list of questions before and be prepared rather then face awkward silence. Questionnaire, selection of images, chat windows open. Thus prepared, you can quickly go ahead and not to work sloppily, if you have 3 – 4 silmutanous ongoing chats So, that’s all for today, look forward to great answers, or questions and suggestions for new topics


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